LGBTQ Writing Workshop in Italy (Aug. 24-31)

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We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a memoir-writing workshop in Puglia, Italy, on August 24-31. The event will take place at a 500-year-old villa near the town of Terlizzi on the Appian Way in the “heel of Italy,” which was purchased by an American couple we know and turned into a boutique hotel.

As LBGTQ people, most of us have taken “the road less traveled” and have had unique lives. Recalling our experiences and giving them form in the written word allows us to examine ourselves and the world around us from many angles. It is both exhilarating and cathartic. Additionally sharing our stories with others create connection and community on a profound level.

The Puglia LGBTQ Writing Workshop is more just learning to write better. Our process consists of three components:

– Detailed recalling of our past memories
– Effectively translating those recollections into the written word
– Learning to share our experiences with others in ways that resonate more deeply

It might seem like a lot to accomplish in a week, but understanding the basics of personal storytelling is actually very straightforward and quite fun. We guarantee that participants will leave with a new enthusiasm for their own lives and writing.

Villa Cappelli

In addition to daily writing sessions, we have planned several excursions into the countryside with dinners in nearby towns.

Come learn how to make sense of your life, depict it engagingly in your writing, bond with like-minded LGBTQ individuals, and enjoy the rustic southern Italian countryside with us.

For more details, download our detailed brochure or contact us directly.