Bob Young

Bobby Young left his family for San Francisco in 1974. He appreciates the mentoring from his gay family that would eventually bring him to New Orleans and beyond.  He’s bartended, owned a Coffeehouse in the Russian River, Commercial Real Estate and currently lives between the Russian River and the East Coast with his four rescue dogs.

Bob Young's Stories

Jewel's and the Shah - Quarter Stories 7

1979 – Dinner at 1132 Bourbon Street at the dining room table was a daunting experience with all these handsome men, at least 10 to 20 years older than me talking about what and who they’d done and where, all coming up and hugging and kissing on me. Ada Hearts was there and I stood near […]

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Ghosts and Lovers – Quarter Stories 6

1979 –  “The rules of this house during Mardi Gras are” as George South proceeded to tell all of us hung-over guys at about 11am on Saturday morning of Mardi Gras weekend in his large double parlor “if you got keys it’s your house—no tricks—but if you fall in love then I’ll be watchin! Everybody’s ass […]

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Mardi Gras Mambo - Quarter Stories 5

1979: Getting to work at Café Lafitte on the second night of Mari Gras was tough, even though 1132 Bourbon Street was only a couple of blocks away. The crowds of Mardi Gras revelers started at St. Philip, just a block from the house and it was body-to-body up Bourbon Street all the way to […]

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Bartender Debut – Quarter Stories 4

Mardi Gras, 1979: Clyde, Al and I began walking up to Lafitte’s. Clyde started talking about Louie Hartfield and his lover Steve, “Now Louie will be staying at the house with us cause he’s been having some trouble with Steve. Steve now manages Lafitte’s, both the Café downstairs bar, and the Corral upstairs bar. The […]

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Arrival - Quarter Stories 3

1978: Safely landed at New Orleans Airport, Al and I jumped into an airport van and headed straight to the French Quarter. As the van door closed, Al started laughing. A friend of his from San Francisco was also in the van in full drag and sporting a bright red beard. Next to him sat […]

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Heading to New Orleans - Quarter Stories 2

1978: The stewardess gently told us to fasten our seatbelts, we were now descending into New Orleans. I thought it was part of a dream. I looked out the window and it was all green and water, swamps as far as the eye could see. It was just becoming morning. I was glad the flight […]

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Introduction - Quarter Stories 1

(Late 1970s-1980s): In New Orleans, Bourbon Street runs for thirteen narrow blocks, roughly north to south, a straight line, ignoring the bend of the huge Mississippi. This can be deceptive because Uptown looks like its north and yet its west, and if you look to the left towards the River you can see the barges […]

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