Advisory Board

Jeff Dupre – director of the first documentary on how gays and lesbians were written out of history (“Out of the Past”, the 1998 Sundance Audience Award winner), Executive Producer of “Sound Tracks” (with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, co-Executive Producer) in 2017, and director/ producer of numerous documentaries for HBO, PBS, CNN, etc.  

Kevin Jennings – founder of GLSEN, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education under Obama, former Executive Director of Arcus (foundation donating $150mm to fund global gay rights), and current CEO of Lambda Legal, the oldest and largest national legal organization fighting for LGBTQ civil rights.

Dave Kopay – retired NFL running back, first athlete in a major American sport to have come out (1975), author of “The David Kopay Story”, early American “gay spokesperson”, and Mike Balaban’s “mentor” when he was coming out in DC in 1975-76. 

Babs Siperstein (posthumous) – longtime New Jersey and national political activist, first transgender member of the Democratic National Committee, and inspiration for New Jersey’s “Babs Siperstein Law” (2018), revising the process for obtaining an amended birth certificate due to a person’s change in gender, so that gender reassignment surgery is no longer required.

Andrew Tobias – author of the noted coming out story, “Best Little Boy in the World” (1973 under a pseudonym), writer on politics and finance, and Democratic National Committee Treasurer from 1999-2017 (Andy raised more for Democrats than anyone in history.).